Michael Adno

b. 1990, St. Petersburg, Florida

 Published Features, Books, and Photo Commissions 

• Wildsam Field Guide to the Gulf Coast, Arcadia Publishing, June 2021

• “When Ian Desmond Opted Out, His Work Was Just Starting,” by Anna Katherine Clemmons, The New York Times, April 2021

• “The Sargassum Dilemma,” Bonefish Tarpon Trust Journal, April 2021

• “The Screwtape Letters,” The Surfer’s Journal, March 2021

• “On Surfing,” Published by Indoek, First Edition of 2000 Copies Published in December 2020

• “Endless Subscribers: Pro Surfers Follow a New Path to Stardom,” The New York Times, November 2020

• “The Strange, Booming Market of Florida’s Palmetto Berries,” The Guardian, November 2020

• “Bloomberg Businessweek Fanned Across America to Photograph the Election,” Bloomberg Businessweek, November 2020

• “Uncharted Waters,” Bonefish Tarpon Trust Journal, Fall 2020

• “Down in a Southern State,” The Surfer’s Journal, July 2020

• “Our Bills Won’t Wait, The Florida Town Where Farm Laborers Risk Their Lives to Work Amid Covid-19,” The Guardian, June 2020

• “How We Drink Now,” Guernica Magazine, May 2020

• “With Florida Keys Economy at a Standstill from Covid-19, Fishing Guides Worry About How to Make a Living,” Southerly Magazine, March 2020

• "Keeping the Country," The Bitter Southerner, January 2020

• "The Blue Lego of Lincolnville, Ty Williams," Void Magazine, January 2020

• "New Art Museum Adds to Sarasota's Cultural Heritage," The New York Times, January 2020

• "The Price of Peace at Pilgrimage," Graylit Journal, November 2019

• "The Naturalist," Void Magazine, November 2019

• "The Sum of Life: Zora Neale Hurston," The Bitter Southerner, September 2019

• "Spraying Antibiotics to Fight Citrus Scourge Doesn’t Help, Study Finds," by Andrew Jacobs, The New York Times, August 2019

• "The River's Voice," Void Magazine, August 2019

• "Wall Street's Great Ice Cream Buyout," by Prashant Gopal, Bloomberg Businessweek, July 2019

• "The Confluence of Citrus and Sugar, Cuba and Florida," Bound By Water Column, Void Magazine, July 2019

• "Ghosts on the Tide," Bound By Water Column, Void Magazine, June 2019

• "The Condition of Becoming," Bound By Water Column, Void Magazine, May 2019

• "Citrus Farmers Facing Deadly Bacteria Turn to Antibiotics, Alarming Health Officials," with Andrew Jacobs, The New York Times (Syndicated by the Miami Herald, and the Herald Advocate), May 2019

• "New York Rejects Keystone-Like Pipeline in Fierce Battle Over the State’s Energy Future," with Vivian Wang, The New York Times (Syndicated by the Boston Globe), May 2019

• "A Spiritual Reckoning in the Keys," Bound by Water Column, Void Magazine, April 2019

• "When Condo Boards and Residents Clash, Legal Bills Mount," by Paul Sullivan, The New York Times, March 2019

• "At Home with the Nightcrawler King," Artsy Magazine, March 2019

• "How Anglers Care for Catch-and-Release Species," Bound by Water Column, Void Magazine, March 2019

• "Once It Comes Time: William Christenberry," The Bitter Southerner, February 2019

• "Where Music and Poetry Press Up Against Memory: A Conversation Between Rowan Ricardo Phillips and Kevin Young," Littoral, January 2019

• "Surfing Remade in the Rockaways," The New York Times (Syndicated by the Boston Globe among others), December 2018

• "A Miami Gallery Joins the Top Ranks at Art Basel," The New York Times, December 2018

• "News Networks Fall Short on Climate Story as Dolphins Die on Beach," by Jim Rutenberg, The New York Times, December 2018

• "Florida's Got a Thing for Boat Parades," Bound by Water Column, Void Magazine, December 2018

• "Return to Walker's Cay," Men's Journal, December 2018

• "Not Up to Code, Walter Coker's Serpentine Life in Surfing and Journalism," The Surfer's Journal,

November 2018

• "Florida's Last, Best River," Bound by Water Column, Void Magazine, November 2018

• "David Wolkowsky, Developer Hailed as Mr. Key West, Dies at 99," The New York Times,

September 2018

• "Tennessee Williams Made Paintings. They Were About Love and Loss, Too," The New York

Times, September 2018

• "Print Is Dead? Not Here," by Ted Geltner, The New York Times, September 2018

• "A Lien On Lincolnville," Indoek's St. Augustine Issue, August 2018

• "St. Augustine Squares off Against Sea Level Rise," Void Magazine, July 2018

• "This Man Is an Island," The Bitter Southerner, July 2018

• "Conjuring Spirits in Florida," The New York Times, June 2018

• "Ninety-Nine Acres of Land, What the Fight to Save a Parcel in St. Johns County Suggest About

Florida," Void Magazine, June 2018

• "Here Comes the Sun, The Sunshine State's Solar Quandary," Flamingo Magazine, May 2018

• "The Short & Brilliant Life of Ernest Matthew Mickler," The Bitter Southerner, January 2018

• "South of America's Other Border, Exploring America's Southernmost Points in the Florida Keys,"

The Surfer's Journal, January 2018

• "After Hurricane Irma, Guides Confront a Changing World," Outside Magazine, December 2017

• "Backcountry Witchery, Flip Pallot's Legacy in the Outdoors," Flamingo Magazine, November 2017

• "Plume Column: White Trash Cooking," Flamingo Magazine, November 2017

• "A Photographic Conversation About Family, Absence, and What Ifs, Zora Murff and Rana

Young," Hyperallergic, November 2017

• “Pulling Pythons, Florida Veterans Forge a Relationship with the Everglades,” The National

Magazine, November 2018

• "Kingdom Come: L.A. Breaks, Kealamakia Naihe" At Large Magazine, September 2018

• "Out of the Circuit and Off the Grid The Surfing Life and Times of Luke Davis," At Large

Magazine, September 2018

• "Upland Scrub, Pine Creek Cultivates the Ultimate Experience in Wing-shooting and Beyond,"

Flamingo Magazine, August 2017

• “Land of Smiles, Chris Mottalini Interview,” Ain’t Bad Magazine, July 2017

• “Robert Moses' Jones Beach, How the Planner and the Project Helped Create Eachother,”

Curbed Magazine, June 2017

• “Muted Monument, How Moses Levy Sought to Abolish Slavery, a Homeland for Jewish

Refugees, and the First Distinct Settlement in Florida,” Flamingo Magazine, May 2017

• Normcore, Equipment polymath Justin Quintal and his multifaceted wave-sliding, The Surfer’s

Journal, May 2017

• “Obsessed: Permit in the Lower Keys, The Pursuit and Protection of our Most Adored and

Frustrating Fish” The Drake Magazine, April 2017

• Lily Brooks Interview, Ain’t Bad Magazine, March 2017

• Dane Reynolds on His Newest Surf Film, Fears of Obsolescence, and Being a Dad, Wax

Magazine, February 2017

• In Grateful Seclusion, Walker Evans’ Photographs of Sarasota, Lux Magazine, February 2017

• Exit Interview, Matthew McLendon on Contemporary Art, Sarasota Magazine, January 2017

• On Becoming: Jamie Brisick’s Turn from Professional Surfing to Writing, At Large Magazine,

December 2016

• Up Toward Palehua, Modern Architecture on the World’s Newest Land Mass, At Large Magazine,

December 2016

• Recent Histories: New Photography from Africa, Camera Austria International Magazine,

November 2016

• The Inimitable Otherness of Stacy Kranitz, Ain’t Bad Magazine, October 2016

• What Would Chick Do? Matthew McLendon Resists Classification, SRQ Magazine, October 2016

• California Über Alles, Nolan Hall and the Annals of Surfing, At Large Magazine, September 2016

• Jack Eats Your Words, Matthew Porter Visits Jack Pierson's Studio, At Large Magazine,

September 2016

• Headed South, The Long Road to Restoration in the Everglades, SRQ Magazine, August 2016

• Justin Quintal Channeling the Beauty of the Slow Ride, Huck Magazine, June 2016

• Games of Deferral: Mike Kelley’s Thirteen Seasons, At Large Magazine, June 2016

• Away from Shore: Life’s a Gasssss for Oliver Clegg, At Large Magazine, May 2016


Awards, Fellowships, and Residencies

2020 Hermitage Artist Retreat Writer in Residence, Englewood, Florida

2020 Key West Literary Seminar Writer in Residence, Key West, Florida

2019 James Beard Award in Profile for "The Short & Brilliant Life of Ernest Matthew Mickler"

2019 Writer's Room Residency, The Betsy Hotel, Miami Beach, Florida

2019 Research Fellowship, University of Florida, Department of Special Collections

2019 Key West Literary Seminar Writer in Residence, Key West, Florida

2019 Division of Cultural Affairs Grant, Florida Department of State, Tallahassee, Florida

2018 Key West Literary Seminar Writer in Residence, Key West, Florida

2017 Smithsonian Artist Research Fellowship Nomination, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.

2016 Hermitage Artist Retreat, Englewood, Florida

2016 The Puffin Foundation Grant for Photography, Teaneck, New Jersey

2015 John Ringling Towers Fund Fellowship, Sarasota, Florida

2015 Jacques and Natasha Gelman Foundation Fellowship, New York, New York

2015 Keyholder Residency, Lower East Side Printshop, New York, New York

2015 Virginia Center for the Creative Arts Fellow, Amherst, Virginia

2014 Jacques and Natasha Gelman Foundation Fellowship, New York, New York

2014 Vermont Studio Center Fellowship Award, Vermont Studio Center


2014 New York University, Bachelor of Arts, Summa Cum Laude